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Twenty Free File Storage Websites

June 30 2012 by Kerry Kobashi

Hard disk
If you are running out of hard disk space on your computer, consider using a free file storage website to offload your files. These websites typically give you 1GB or more of free file storage for you to copy your photos, documents, videos, and music files.

You should look for a service that allows you to upgrade for more storage (usually at a cost) and which has password protected access. Some sites will kill your account if there is no activity on it so make sure you check the website's rules of engagement.

It is recommended that you use these websites to store files temporarily and make sure you burn the files on DVD/CD. File sharing is typical use especially when it comes to music and video on your social networking websites (Myspace, Facebook, Imeem, etc.).

Also, it is wise to use online file storage only for your non-private files. You don't want the file storage employees or a hacker gaining access to your files. So do not store sensitive material on these websites - you been warned.

Free File Storage Websites

File storage websites do go offline and disappear. Because they offer free services most tend to go out of business as they have no business model to survive on. Always keep backup copies of your documents on CD/DVD just in case.

If you don't want to risk losing your files, I would highly recommend choosing a low cost file storage service like Mozy or ZipCloud. Many will offer different storage size packages ranging from a few gigabytes to business class size. When choosing the amount of disk space, it is best to choose the same size as your hard disk. That way, you can mirror its contents on the online storage site.

Mozy 2.0 Local+Online=Best of Both Worlds

Updated July 1, 2012

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