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Why You Should Use A VPN

December 30 2011 by Kerry Kobashi

Use a VPN network
Security and privacy. One cannot so easily expose both to the world while surfing the Internet. As you visit websites, information about you is being stored in databases. To counter this, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection and you need to do it now.

You shouldn't trust what's out there. While you are surfing, Internet marketers are monitoring your behavior as you jump from site to site. And whenever you visit your favorite social networking website, they have you identified by your profile.

What all this amounts to, is that everything about you is being combined into databases. Some are private, and some are public.

Don't think I'm serious? I want you to take a moment to prove something. If you are a very heavy user of social networking sites this is going to surprise you.

I want you to see if you are in Spokeo or Pipl. Some of the information they have obtained is downright scary. Your phone numbers, your house address, your email address. Stuff like your property value, how wealthy you are. Your family members. What are your likes and interests too!

Do you really want that kind of information so openly out there? I think not!

Use A Virtual Private Network, NOW


You can change that right now. With an affordable virtual private network (VPN) service, no one will be able to know it is you. Your surfing habits will be totally private. Don't give more up of yourself than you really need to.

A VPN will encrypt and anonymize everything in your Internet connection so that no one will know it is you. This way you totally protect your online identity.

Our VPN Recommendation: HideMyAss

So here's my recommendation. Get a VPN service and protect yourself. The best VPN service out there for the price is HideMyAss.

HMA is the most respected VPN service available. The client reviews are stellar, with over 5,723 customers giving them 4 out of 5 star rating.

Here is how it works. Its all very simple, really.

First you install the client side software. It is available for iPad/iPod, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android devices. Installation is a no brainer and connecting is a breeze. You simply download their software and login. Then, with one click of your mouse (or tap of your finger), you choose a server to connect to.

While you are surfing, your IP address is not really your home computer or other device. It's HMA's servers. This way you can connect to a server in England and nobody will know its you. Cool, eh?

What are the benefits? Plenty!

  • Over 200 VPN servers worldwide
  • Located through 38 countries so you are guaranteed close proximity and speed
  • Never have the same IP address again! Over 23,000 reusable IP addresses
  • Excellent, fast turnaround technical support staff
  • Supports all new L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • All for less than $80/year

Other benefits of HMA is that you can navigate around blocked websites set by your system administrator. You also get top grade military 128 bit encryption to keep hackers from snooping your data. If you are in a country that blocks you through a firewall, HMA can help you get around that too.

Most VPN services will cost you at least $25/month. Worse yet, every time you switch to another server, they charge you even more. This won't happen with HideMyAss. You are free to switch to any server without cost. Everything is included in your monthly subscription.

Special Offer For KerryOnWorld Readers

KerryOnWorld is a HideMyAss affilliate. When you sign up you get special pricing over their regular full price. Just click the banner below. If you act today, HideMyAss for one year of service is only $78.66 - a 43% discount off the regulary $138.24 price.


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